Learning to sleep without mommy – Part 2

When comparing milestone achievements, I think Baby G fares better than her kor-kor. This little Ms Gungho is definitely a tough cookie and she can take in most things without much problems as compared to her kor-kor.

Our latest progress is ‘Learning to sleep without mommy’ so that mommy can have her LIFE back! For those of you in FB would have noticed that I have been around after 10pm on some nights. 🙂 Yes, Ms Samseng can sleep without having mommy next to her!

The title above is actually a continuation from Darrius’s episode. We went through the same training with him last time. I noticed the time frame was in October for Darrius and for Baby G, we started in August which is almost 2 months earlier! Ain’t that something to be proud of??? 😀

Baby G is more calm and she don’t cling on to me like a koala bear since she weaned off from my boobs. She is friendlier and she is okie with almost anyone (a little dangerous coz she gets too friendly sometimes even with strangers!!!) so I can have more breathing space now. PiggyBeng can handle her better at times when compared to Darrius’s time. Darrius was too clingy…

So, when do we actually started this? It was about 2 weeks ago as the kids will play together with PiggyBeng before bed time while I clean up the mess down stairs. I decided to not go up to see what happens. Normally PiggyBeng will call me to go up but since I did not hear anything I decided to stay put (FB-ing and doing other chores). After some time and it was complete silence, I went up and took a peep… everyone was fast asleep! *yippeeeeee!*

It went on several nights and it proved that Baby G is fine to sleep without me by her side. Even when I entered the room she will not make any noise, sometimes maybe she will toss a little but she will continue sleeping. *BLISS*

Don’t you think it is high time I plan for a vacation without the family??? *woot* Anyone keen????


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  1. jacss says:

    hahaha….. clap clap clap, mommy can go vacation jor 😀

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