Angry Birds Fever!

If you go to the morning markets, the malls, the street stalls and almost every where, you’ll see people peddling the infamous birdy and piggy stuff… The RED, YELLOW, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE birds and the GREEN pigs have some how invaded our life.

One of the weekend morning, I went to the wet market near my place and there were no short of stalls peddling these stuff… from the regular plush toys to mini bolsters, pillows, clocks, slippers and the list goes on….



Darrius and even Glennedine are HUGE fancees of these birds so each time they see anything that have these birds they will squeal in excitement. Though I would love to get them some of these cute products but I can’t. The house is too full… for now and if I continue to buy, there will be no end to it coz they always come out with new stuff! *o*

However, I got to get the kids these when I saw them…



Angry Birds lanterns!!!! In conjunction with Moon Cake festival, what other better excuse can there be to not get them for the kids???? Of course I did not hesitate to get them! 😆 First I bought the red and blue birds but ended up the red bird was faulty so we brought it back for a change and Darrius decided to get the yellow bird.

Was trying to get the kids to pose with their new lanterns but they kept running away so no photos of them for now…


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0 Responses to Angry Birds Fever!

  1. chinnee says:

    wah…everything is angry bird in that stall ler…luckily it is from pasar mlm and not shopping mall so damage will not be too bad, hehe…

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