He finally did IT!

I can’t really remember when was the last time I blog about Darrius’s progress in his potty training. Well, don’t get me wrong. He is already potty trained years back just that for night time, he was too lazy to wake up and therefore, we always put a diaper for him… for just in case.

We always laughed at him for wearing diaper after his 5 years old birthday. He don’t really take it at heart initially but when I told baby to do the ‘shame-shame’ motion at him, he will get very annoyed! 😆

He used to have a bottle of milk (270ml) before bed time until about 2 years ago. We stopped him from taking any as his bladder will be full by mid night so he will need to answer nature call(s) but he can’t wake up to go to the toilet. Sometimes his diaper will be dry for a few days but occasionally he will wet it a little. Due to that, we have let him have a diaper on each night until 3 weeks ago.

We were heading for dinner before going to visit my dad at the hospital. PiggyBeng specifically asked Darrius if he wanted to pee first before we leave our hotel and Darrius shook his head. Fine. We were caught in the worst after office hour traffic jam and the kids all fell asleep for that entire hour we were trapped in the jam. When we arrived at our destination, Darrius woke up and yelled ‘why my car seat is wet????’

We knew immediately he has peed in his pants without realizing due to tiredness and that was the last straw. PiggyBeng was so mad that he made Darrius wear the wet pants throughout dinner. 😐

Luckily we were near Carrefour so I decided to get him another pants since I did not bring an extra pants for him. And we told him that, from that day onward, he can’t wear any diaper to sleep when he is at home. Told him that if he peed in his bed, he will have to swim in his own pee. *evil grin*

So, on the night we arrived home, we told him to sleep without his diaper. He was of course apprehensive coz he knew he will pee… and true enough he woke us up around 3am after he wet himself…

We were undeterred of course, as we knew that if we are not adamant, he will not bothered. True enough he has not wet himself since and that has been 3 weeks!

Way to go boy! 😀


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0 Responses to He finally did IT!

  1. leona says:

    So good that Darrius woke up by himself andtold u that he wet himself at 3am.

    Ryan just wets his pyjamas (and BLANKET! and Pillow!) and still continues to sleep on till i wake up !

    Well done Darrius!

  2. Kit says:

    That’s great! We’re still 50-50 – sometimes he’s dry, sometimes he’s not. To save me the headache, I just got him pull-up pants to be safe. Tired of changing sheets, pyjamas etc :S

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