He has got a place!

This is another over-due piece of news…

About 2 weeks ago we finally received the most awaited letter from the Ministry of Education…



Yes, Darrius has got a place in the primary school which we had registered him last year. It was a great relief now that we are assured that he has got a seat so we do not have to fret like one of my friend in Singapore where she has to go through balloting for her choice school for her son.

The school which Darrius will be going to (in any case our move to Down Under is delayed again!) is just 5 minutes walk from our house so it is ultra convenient for all of us! I hope he will be in the morning session but I have a hunch that he will be in the afternoon session. Which ever it is, I guess it won’t be a major problem since the school is so near.

And yes, Darrius will be attending a Chinese school… wish me luck! 😀


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0 Responses to He has got a place!

  1. Cynthia says:

    congrats!! and good luck ya…

  2. chanelwong says:

    yahoo… in a few months time he will in std 1…
    I am sure he will be just fine…

  3. chinnee says:

    its good to attend chinese school starting now, because with the new syllabus, they no longer have crazy homeworks as in the past.

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