Dad is finally discharged

My dad had a blacked out 2.5 months ago and after some consultations at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke. While doing some further checks, the doctor discovered a ‘tumor’ which has grown to a size of 3cm at his pituitary glands which is just between both his eye balls which also very near to his brain!

The doctor then referred him to the University Malaya Medical Centre where he went for the operation to remove the ‘tumor’. He was told that the whole process will only takes about 5 days (from admission to discharge) but what really happened was he was stuck in the hospital for almost a month! He was finally discharged yesterday and all of us hope he will not have to go back in there again!

I am not going to elaborate about what actually happened until I get all my facts right but my family are damn pissed with the whole ordeal! It is not just about the no medical exam life insurance but the ethics of our medical profession! Arrggh!


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0 Responses to Dad is finally discharged

  1. mg says:

    True what you say. My dad was in hospital for 2 months last year. Long story but we are totally pissed off (different hospital). Dad was discharged early this year in Jan. We wrote a long letter of complain but to this day we have no reply.

  2. Kit says:

    You must have been so worried about this. Glad to hear that all’s fine with your Dad now.

  3. Linda says:

    I am happy that your dad is fine now…Everything seems okay then…

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