Joining the Angry Birds Craze

Since the day PiggyBeng came home with the iPhone, Angry Birds invaded the house! Both PiggyBeng and Darrius are equally addicted to the game till we have them installed in all our PCs (the Chrome version), the iPads, iPod and the Galaxy Tab!

Though Darrius plays other PC games as well as other games on iPad and Galaxy Tab, his favorite is still Angry Birds since we have most of the versions available. His personal favorite is the Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. Personally, I like their creativity in engaging users with their simple yet colorful graphics.

I bought one of the red bird plush toy for Darrius a while back when I first spotted them in one of the gift shops in QBM. I have wanted to get him the entire collection but was stopped by PiggyBeng. Instead, I went to felt one smaller one for him…



Since it took a while for me to felt one so I have stopped felting the rest of the ‘gang’ but do hope I can resume making them some day…

While PiggyBeng stopped me from purchasing more of the plush toys, he on the other hand went to get all those misc stuff for Darrius when he spotted them at the market…



Honestly, I would rather spend the money buying those cute plush than the above al-cheapo stuff which to me are more like ‘junk’. 😛 Though they are only RM1 per item but they are of poor quality and to me quite ‘useless’. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, Darrius already told me he wanted the entire plush collection for his birthday…


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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Every one, Angry Birds Rio for PC Update out now, have you get it?

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