She is growing up too fast!

When days the kids get really noisy, turning the house up side down, all I wish is that they will grow up quickly!

Darrius and Glennedine is exactly 4 years apart so there will definitely be a little gap between them thus they can’t really play together all the time. On most time, Darrius will complains that his sister is disturbing him and refused to share toys with her. On the other hand, Glennedine is extremely playful and believe me, she is more active and mischievous than her kor-kor! She just wants to play and dislike being alone (though she can sit quietly watching her favorite VCDs at times) for too long. She likes to be in action and around people! 😆

As days goes by, she is getting more and more independent and is able to do a lot of things on her own too… at time, better than her kor-kor. She is able to communicate better (can understand more words) and is able to give her reactions too.

Last Sunday while in Sunday school waiting for Darrius, I let her play with some stickers and I sat there watching her. Her actions (peeling the stickers and pasting them in various places) made me realized that indeed she has grew a lot more in the past weeks!



For a moment, there was sadness in my heart. I can’t believe my little girl is already turning 20 months in a week time! She has started to have a mind of her own too. She knows when she needs to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ when we asked her questions. However, she seems to have this vivid personality which made her so fun and lovable.

I so wished that I could freeze this moment! I am feeling so heavyhearted to see her grow up right before my eyes.

My little darling, how mama wished you could stay this age forever!


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