KFC Breakfast Set – Expensive and a BIG letdown!

I think a lot of people are avoiding KFC after their recent scandals where their kitchen staff were caught tampering with food preparation. A few weeks back, I received a copy of KFC’s breakfast promotion vouchers in my letter box. I’ve never purchase any of their breakfast items before as I find the food in the menu is not of value for the price they are charging.

So far I only like their OR (Original Recipe) chicken so the only item in their breakfast menu is the a.m. Platter Combo which is priced at RM8.90 which includes 1 pc of chicken, a portion of scrambled egg, a bun, a small whipped potato and a small cup of either coffee/tea (refillable if dine in) or Milo/orange juice) just like what they put on their website…


Photo taken from KFC’s site


If you look at the photo above, you’ll be tempted to order a plate which was exactly what I did! 😆 so naive of me!

One day last week, I went to Tesco @ Jalan Tengku Kudin for grocery shopping so I decided to use the voucher which amounted to RM1 off the a.m. Platter Combo but I still have to pay RM8+ after adding the 6% tax.

And guess how my KFC Breakfast Box turned out to be like???



In reality, it was far from appetizing!!!! I wonder how long they have been using their oil to fry their chicken??? That aside. What annoyed me most was that pile of so-called scrambled egg! It look like ‘yat-pek-yeh’ (shit) rather than scrambled egg! ggggrrrrrr!!

RM8 is not a lot but not very little either! For that amount I can get a very decent plate of nasi Kandar from the nasi Kandar shop opposite! Chicken was dried, scrambled egg was tasteless and bread was stale! The only edible item was the whipped potato and the cup of Milo.

To me, KFC Breakfast is not very popular as I hardly see anyone buying the breakfast sets. It is not cheap and the size of serving is definitely below value. They lose hands down to McDonald’s! At least McDonald’s can fry their scrambled egg like what they put on their menu board!


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  1. Elaine says:

    My JS can whip up a better scramble egg than the Yat pet yeh… Haha

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