Little Friends

During our last trip to KL, we managed to meet up and catch up with a few friends and their kids. They were all so nice and accommodating that they came to meet us within the vicinity of our hotel since I am not daring enough to drive out on my own with 2 kids. Many of the roads in KL is still very alien to me so I better not be gung-ho and get lost later!

Therefore, we just stayed within Traders and KLCC area. On the day before we left, this very busy and hot mama came together with her princesses to visit us. Both our younger girls are the same age, only difference by a few months and they were so cute when they first met that day…



The last time they met up with each other was some 6 months ago so I guessed they grew apart after such a long time and thus being so distant! 😛 Glennedine was not that shy but T2 was… she was trying to hide and kept clinging on to her mommy. She is just so cute! 😀 Anyhow, they warmed up after a while and became buddies soon after… especially the 2 older kids!

Last shot before they have to say good bye to their little friends…



P/s: what a co-incidence that both older kids are in white and younger kids in pink!!!! 😉


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  1. awww…so cute! i like the 2nd photo. it’s like T2 eyeing what Glenn was eating 😀

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