If you are in KL, best to stay home!

Just called my dad a while ago and he told me he is staying home today as he don’t want to get caught in the traffic jam outside. Though not every place will be jammed, it is still better to take the day off and chill out at home so you won;t get all frustrated!

Today is the day where the BERSIH rally will go on despite being banned by our very ‘BOLEH’ government. Actually, what BERSIH wanted to do is to voice out that they wanted a fair and just election in the next GE. This is the most basic right we should be given but some cowards just want to blow things up and wanted to create chaos.

Well, luckily we are not in KL. Therefore, we are not so ‘affected’ since the rallies are not taking place here. PiggyBeng said he will spend the day thinking on how to fix those surface raceways in the room instead since it is  PH in Penang… it’s the Governor’s Birthday. 😀


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