Book Smart vs Street Smart?

Who shall I blame it on when my kids are more book smart than street smart?

I am a very liberal mother and I don’t really restrict my kids in their play as long as they don’t fight. For one, I am also a very lazy mother as I don’t go around monitoring what my kids do all the time. I let them play whatever they like so long they don’t get themselves hurt in the process. I just don’t want to be over protective so that they don’t grow up to be too dependent on their mommy or daddy.

According to Darrius’s teachers, he is a very bright and smart boy. However, I choose to think otherwise. Why? I discovered that he is more book smart and not very street smart. He can’t think logically. Maybe he is lazy to use his brain to think? I don’t know… maybe it is too early to assess him but I just hope I am not too late in guiding him to the right path.

The school syllabus plays a major role too. Especially since I have enrolled Darrius to a Chinese Medium school when he starts Primary One next year. His kindy is very academic based and his class teacher emphasized on a lot of reading and writing so that the kids are prepared when they start formal school next year. According to her, if she don’t presses the kids now, they will in for a shock next year.

All of us know that too much book based work will sort of hamper the creative part of us. And this is what happened to Darrius. He is getting very lazy and though he finishes his home work, that does not mean he learn a great deal. Most of the work are mostly memorizing. I doubt the kindy engage them in creative play or creative thinking.

Though the current principle is more on the Montessori style of teaching but I am doubting her ability since she is neither here nor there. I noticed that she pays more attention to the nursery class rather than the K1 or K2 classes. Probably she has just joined the school early this year, she thought she should start a-new with the most junior class. However, abandoning the other classes will definitely harm the older kids’ progress.

I am extremely worried about how Darrius uses his brain to think. Whenever I asked him to do his Maths, I found that he don’t use his creative mind to think. When he is stuck, he can’t move on or refused to move on and will start to whine. It is the same when I asked him to find a solution to his problems. He will just sit there and day dream away rather than finding a solution and on most occasions, he will wait for a solution from us. *sigh*

Hopefully he will turn street smart when he grows older as being book smart is not enough to survive.


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0 Responses to Book Smart vs Street Smart?

  1. mumsgather says:

    It’ll get worse in Primary school. However, the funny things is that most kindy over prepares the child so by the time they get to primary school, they backtrack and go back to writing squiggles and lines and learning alphabets compared to the crazy ting seah, spelling and ejaan that the preschool dishes out.

  2. leona says:

    Darrius is so alike to Ryan! I also am having this problem right now and I get really frustrated almost everyday when Ryan doesn’t use his ‘brain’ to accomplish something ….i am always scolding him to think outside the box! Even when he is taking out his clothes…he gets stuck…he just grunts and starts to get frustrated..can’t think how to move his arms to get it out!

    Soemtimes i think to to cultivate a ‘street smart’ child?

  3. michelle says:

    Is he good at playing angry birds? If he is, then he should be have a good idea how to solve maths problem. Games/puzzles actually help kids to increase their problem solving skills.

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