The Great Weaning Battle

In just 4 days, Little Miss Samseng will turn 19-month. We brought her to get her last immunization jab earlier this month (which was overdue) when we got back from our US trip.

She is growing normally but her weight is not gaining much. At last checked, she only weight a miserable 8.5kg only (Darrius was around 10.5kg during the same time). She is about 80cm tall which is considered as pretty small (petite) for her age. She eats a lot of fruits and cereals but she don’t take a lot of rice or milk. She do like noodles but I think the table or chair eats more than her tummy 😛

Last week, while I was at my parents’ place, I decided to wean her off from the boobs as she was crying too loudly and disturbed everyone. My mom thought that I should toughen up if I seriously wanted to wean Ms Samseng off. She don’t like formula and don’t drink a lot of water which was why I was quite hesitant to wean her off initially. I tried weaning her a few times but was unsuccessful.

I am so sleep deprived and can hardly clock in more than 3 hours of sleep each night so I told myself that I just have to DO IT! If I remember correctly, I weaned Darrius off around the same age too.

Since we were staying at the hotel, I thought it will be a good time as the rooms are more sound proof (I think so la!). The first 2 nights, PiggyBeng complaint so plans were backfired. Then on the 3rd night, I told him it is either now or we’ll never get to do it so we just went ahead and ignored the cries. She was tired (as we went out for dinner) and slept pretty well and hardly make any noise. She did make some noise on the 4th night but it was so much better than before.

As she don’t take that much of milk, I prepare water for her in her new favorite sippy cup every night as I assumed that she must be thirsty thus she wants to suckle on the boobs…



Sometimes she will drink and sometimes she just refused. She can get pretty fierce too… not sure why she is so hot temper…



She only takes about 4Oz of milk each time so that is considered as very little compared to what Darrius used to take which was around 8 or 9Oz at least. For some weird reasons, she just don’t like regular milk bottles so it is either using straws or the new sippy cups. I am happy if she can finish her milk each time… which is rare as she likes to leave some each time. 0.O She gets a one feed first thing in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon and I am trying to give her one before bedtime.

I’ve never have so much troubles with weaning Darrius (not as much patterns!!!) so, it is true that each child is extremely different! I have changed more than 4 different formula milk powder and I am not sure if she has settled with the last one or not. Currently she is having Sustergen in Vanilla flavor.

Last night, my boobs were engorged (after more than a week) so I decided to pumped out the milk and add into Baby G’s milk. I am not sure how long it will take the body to stop producing milk but I don’t mind pumping them out instead of letting Baby suckle.

The past few days, she will run to me and show me those sad looking puppy face and will try to pull my shirt up (meaning she wants to suckle) but I told her that there’s no more milk and she will walk away. Sometimes, I know she wanted to suckle though she don’t want to say it out. Before this, she will always run to me and asked for ‘meek-meek‘ (milk-milk) and give me those cheeky looks. I so miss those moments! 😦

Well, after slightly more than a week in this battle, I am most proud to announce that, Baby G is 100% WEANED as of today.


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0 Responses to The Great Weaning Battle

  1. Kit says:

    Poor thing! Looks like she misses the breastfeeding sessions a lot ya? I read that they need more hugs and kisses during this time because the “bonding” session with Mummy has ended. Sayang her more, eh?

    My girl is more clingy too after I started work. Each time I come home, I need to pick her up first and carry her everywhere LOL

  2. leeyen says:

    kesian to see her crying like that! about the weight don’t worry too much, M weights the same!

  3. Cynthia says:

    congratulation… I am waiting for my turn now..

  4. Elaine says:

    Kesian look. Mine doesn’t drink formula, used to when the maid fed her, buy not with me. Now worst, she refused porridge ever since maid left. Only interested in our meals. She wants to feed herself, which ended up all over the place rather than into her mouth. Good thing is she ia drinking some fresh milk. Other time, directly latch on. I started have leaky boobies again. 😦

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