We are back… and still sick

We touched down at Penang on Sunday morning. It was one of the worst flights we ever had. Ms Samseng has bagged another award on flight for being the crankiest! She hardly sleeps and she gets cranky all the time. I can’t really blame her coz the bassinet is too small for her and the total flight hours (minus the transits) is almost 20 hours! She only took a few short naps in between. So, you can imagine how tired we are trying to keep awake to entertain her.

The worst was, all three of us are having eye infection during the flight except Darrius as he has since recovered! The discomfort on Ms Samseng’s eyes added to her crankiness. She has sticky eyes so she got frustrated and rubbed till one of her eyes turned blue blacked as a result.



It was really heart breaking to see her like that. Normally she has a hearty appetite but the past few days she hardly eat much nor drink much milk since she is not a fan of milk. However, she still very persistent in wanting to self feed despite not able to see clearly. She refused being fed so we just gave in to her.

She is much better today and since I have yet to recover myself, I only managed to go groceries shopping yesterday and stock up on some of her favorite food ie; fruits, cheese and bread.

Hopefully everything will go back to normal soon…


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0 Responses to We are back… and still sick

  1. etceteramommy says:

    So kesian. It must have been a stressful flight back. Take care and speedy recovery.

  2. chinnee says:

    ooohhhh..your Mr Samseng is really cute la….the pic above reminds me of the cartoon character Noody, I have at home. Its exactly the same pose!!

  3. jacss says:

    awww…. poor thing lah 😦
    guess it’s really NO FUN bringing baby on a long flight ehh, i shiver just by thinking abt it. hope she gets comforts more & more as she’s back home!!

  4. Wishing you all a speedy recovery. It’s fortunate that Darrius has recovered. One less cranky lil one is better than two!

    Btw, look at her eyelashes….so long and beautiful. Sorry, got side tracked 😉

  5. Kit says:

    Welcome home! Bet you must be so relieved when you finally landed…

    Poor dear – the eye infection is really terrible. Did you all managed to pin-point to the source?

    Hope she’ll get well soon and you too!!!

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