Supplements are so cheap!

Greetings from the sunny San Diego!

Today is our 2nd week here in the US of A already! How time flies!!! It was not a very happy vacation for us this time round as Darrius was attacked by very serious eyes infection on Tuesday, just after PiggyBeng left us at Anna’s place in LA. He was away for 2 days to attend another meeting in another state.

It was a real hassle to seek for medical attention and believe me, all those ER or Grey Anatomy that we watched on TV back in Malaysia is completely different! It was not like that at all!!! At that moment, I wished we were back in Malaysia as we have all those convenient 24-hours clinics and they don’t charge a bomb even if you are not a local who do not have insurance.

The only thing that was fantastic here is shopping!!! The price of supplements like multivitamin or the likes from Costco or the many hypermarkets here are at rock bottom prices! I bought a bottle of Omega 3 containing 400 softgels for my MIL for less than $8 plus tax!!!! If in Malaysia, I would have to pay a few hundred Ringgit for that!


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  1. Kit says:

    I heard about it. Hope that he’s all better now.

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