Going to pick some berries!

One of the highlights of our coming vacation is berries picking! I’ve not been to any berries farms before so it will be really exciting and I am sure the kids will enjoy that too since both of them loves berries!

I was told by a friend that there will be some farms along the way to San Diego which we can pop by and do the picking. Apparently we don’t have to pay what we pick and eat but only pay when we check out with our little buckets. Ain’t that sounds fantastic???? heheheh

After some checks on the internet, I also saw some gourmet fruit arrangements companies in that area and thought that was a fantastic idea to get some for my friend too!


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  1. Jenny Tan says:

    Yup!!! When my parents came, my dad just keep on eating…barely had any in the bucket. The first time Lucas when and pick blueberries, he almost ate the whole bush (and this is a matured bush, so there were LOADS of blueberries), and didn’t have to pay!!! The only problem is ever since that time (he was 2 then), he never want to eat any more blueberries!!! hahahahaaa… It’d be fun to see what your 2 would do!! 🙂

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