Please VOTE for my Bento!


Our life is always filled with lots of challenges and I am pursuing yet another challenge now… I’ve just submitted 2 entries for a contest!

If you’ve already ‘Be-friended’ me in FaceBook, you would have seen my new status update about voting for some lunch boxes. Well, I’ve decided to enter the Dutch Lady Malaysia’s  “What’s In Your Meal Container?” contest after much procrastination as I have lots of tasks to complete as well as managing the two little monsters… 😛

I am the queen of small speedy bento (cliché) 😆 if you have been following my bento blog. You’ll hardly see me packing BIG bento since Darrius can’t eat that much and that was why I am only good in packing small-small bento. 😛

Here are my humble bento submitted for the contest:


Set 1



Set 2



So, how can you help my dearest friends???


Step 1

You need to be a FaceBook member

Step 2

Go to Dutch Lady Malaysia Page and click ‘LIKE’ to enter their page

Step 3

Click ‘LIKE’ on this link for Set 1 and this link for Set 2 under the name ‘Alice Foo’


That’s all!!!! It is that simple! 😀

I need to collect as many ‘LIKES’ to be qualified for the next round so, I really, really need your help! If you think my bento qualifies, please help me to ‘LIKE’ them ok!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Voting period ends on the 8th of May so there are still 1.5 weeks to go so please, please spare me a few minutes of your precious time and click on them! I HEART you all!!!!


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