Dining @ Dynasty Far Lim

We saw a new restaurant opened next to Red Bali (opposite Sunshine Mall, Far Lim) somewhere end of last year and never went to try it until early last month. I brought my parents when they were here to attend my maternal grandmother’s funeral. Coincidentally, PiggyBeng was away in Melbourne so that was why they came to stay with us for a few nights shuttling between our place and my grandma’s place on the main land.

The reason why we never go dine in this place was, it has an expensive setting. According to my MIL, they also do dim sum in the morning but we have yet to try too… always prefer to go Red Tea at the back.

This is what we have ordered…


Home style tofu with Silvery fish


3 Eggs Spinach in Superior Broth


Mui Choy Kaw Yuk (Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard)


Diced Chicken with Bitter Gourd


We have wanted to order their steamed farm run chicken but they ran out of stock (lame excuse for a restaurant which have just opened for business for the day) so we just make do with whatever we think which would not cost too much.

I taste was quite ok… according to my mom! She is a very particular person when she dine outside so if she says good… then it should be good! Hahaha

The rice is free so you can eat as much as you want! If I am not mistaken Chinese tea is also free but we forgot to order since they never ask!

The bill came to about RM40+ so I would say it is quite reasonable but one complain… their aircon is not cold! We were eating drenched in sweat! 😛


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