Expending her vocabulary

I am so ashamed of myself. I failed to do monthly updates for Baby G and since the last one was some 4 months ago, I really can’t remember what achievements she has had in those missing months. In another 2 weeks she will turn 17-month and I don’t know if I can remember to note down any… 😛

Anyway, the past few months she has been learning quite a bit and having an older sibling definitely helps a lot. She plays with Darrius all the time and I must say she learns a lot from those sessions.

What I noted the past few weeks is her expanding vocabulary. She can speak those single syllabus words after noting what we told or spoken to her.

Here are some of those new words:


  1. Pain – she has a scar on her big toe and she will point to it and says ‘pain’
  2. Throw – when she throw something down she will say it
  3. Chay – when I asked her where is her chair (during meal time) she will ran over and climb up and say ‘chay’
  4. Em-mai – Don’t want (in Hokkien)
  5. Mek – Sometimes when she wanted to suckle mommy’s milk
  6. Ma-ma – Mommy
  7. Eh-di – Daddy
  8. Kor – Brother
  9. Ah-mah – Grandmother
  10. Yeh-yeh – Grandfather
  11. Poh-poh – Grandmother (maternal)
  12. Gong – Grandfather (maternal)
  13. Shoos- Shoes (she loves shoes!!!)


Apart from those words above, she also babbles all the time. Those baby talks which I can’t understand but she does put on some expressions at times that we could roughly guess what she tries to tell us. Pretty cute I must say. She definitely talks more than Darrius when Darrius was at her age. She even knows ABC after we played the ABC song to her.

We also played the Twinkle-twinkle Little Star in Japanese (Kira-Kira Hikaru) and she just loved that song and even tried singing it! I think the Japanese words sounded much closer to her ‘language’ so she likes it. 🙂

Another thing is, she has started to understand some simple instructions too so it is so much easier to communicate with her. However, there are times where she will refused to communicate but just cry very loudly… (-_-)


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