3 dramas in 3 hours!

This is not about Hong Kong TVB dramas or the Korean dramas but dramas of my kids and I! Gosh! It is tough being a mama! 😦

On Tuesday I was lazy to cook so after fetching Darrius from kindy we proceed to Tesco as I wanted to get some groceries too. We went for KFC since that was the only thing we like to eat in that area.

Brought the food to the table and started to feed Baby G… 5 mins on, Darrius told me he wanted to pee! Dang! This boy always put me in these kind of sticky situations. That’s why I have started leaving him at home with PiggyBeng if I wanted to go out shopping. He always give me nothing but troubles…

I told him bluntly that I can’t bring him to the toilet since it is on the other end of the building as I can’t leave Baby G, our food and all my stuff in KFC. I told him to hold but I know he can’t. My mistake for not clearing his bladder before going for lunch. *sigh*

We continued eating for 5 minutes and I can see Darrius feeling the urgency to pee so I decided to empty a small paper cup and told him to pee in there. He was hesitant at first but found it amusing later… and when the cup is fast filling up he can’t stop and when I tried to tell him to stop he started shooting all over the place!!!!!!! Calamity boi!!! My pants, my shoes and the floor were wet!!! 😦 And that monkey still got the cheek to laugh!!!

Of course I nagged non stop!!!! Have to clean up the floor some more… arrgghh!

After our ‘eventful’ lunch, we went to shop in Tesco. If I were to bring just Baby G, there will be less nagging. When Darrius is with us… *sigh* there will sure be scenes… and of course nagging! We shall not go into details and fast forward to what happened next.

We were at the check out counter and was almost done when the cashier told me that I have taken the wrong item for the free gift so I told him I will go back to the aisle and make a change while leaving the kids there… yeah, I should not but no choice!! I ran and quickly get hold of the item and dashed back to the counter. I remembered I took out my credit card then but when I was supposed to hand over to the cashier, it was no where to be seen! Aarrgghhh!!! We looked all over the place but can’t seem to find and I almost wanted to dash back to where I went earlier but saw the card lying on the floor! Phew~ So glad it was not lost coz I have only 1 credit card! Gave PiggyBeng a good lecture that night!!! I told him we need another card for emergencies! He cancelled my card the previous year when the gov insisted on charging us for some stupid fees…

Ok, that was the end of drama #2 and drama #3 is even more exciting!

So, it was about 3pm when we reached home… Baby G was tired from all those activities and she has almost dozed off in the car but I told Darrius to kept her awake coz once this girl get charged 5 minutes she can stayed on for another 3 hours! When we reached home, I quickly bring her in and sat her on the sofa and for the 1st time I left my handbag and keys on the table (I usually will put the keys in my pockets) which proved to be the biggest mistake!

I kept the door opened when I went out to get Darrius. That monkey refused to come down from the car and when he finally came out, there was a gush of wind and ‘bang!’ the door got locked!! OMG!!!! I fretted of course! Baby G was inside alone!!!! Another calamity!!!

I was pulling and banging on the door (I think I went a little nutty for a moment) and all that commotion alerted my neighbors. They came out and asked what happened and yadda…yadda… Was so glad that it was a weekday afternoon where everyone is around. I called out to Baby G who was still oblivious to the scenario. She was still smiling away when we called out to her from the window. I told her to come down from the sofa and she diligently did that (and she only learned to come down from sofa just 2 days ago!!!) and came to me at the window.

Excitedly, I told her to help me get the keys from the table and she surprised me by going by the table and started pulling things down. She is still short and can’t see what was up there. I kept shouting to her ‘get the key for mama, girl’ and she did tried very hard but it was a futile effort since she can’t see and I don’t have any idea if she knows what key is?

Both my neighbor and myself kept encouraging Baby G to get the key over while another neighbor tried looking up for my MIL’s numbers… yeah, I can’t remember phone numbers as I am too reliant on my mobile’s address book!!!! I can’t even remember PiggyBeng’s numbers!!!! He changed his mobile a few times so I got lazy memorizing his numbers.

Managed to get my MIL but she was half way cooking at grandma’s place but she said she will rush back while we tried all means to get the keys out. Neighbor found a long stick and he has the metal rod with a hook and so we tempted Baby G with some snacks after we managed to drop the keys onto the floor. Baby G picked them up but she kept holding to them. We tried coaxing her to pass the keys to us but our hands can’t reach far down enough due to the holes on the door grill were small. Ok, we have big fat arms! 😦

After about 5 minutes we finally managed to hook the keys out and I was so glad that over the entire event, Baby G did not cry. I think if this happened to Darrius, he would have been crying and went hysterical. πŸ˜›


What a day…… and the lesson for the day? NEVER LEAVE THE KEYS ON THE TABLE until everyone are inside the house.

On another note, I was glad that I did not leave the keys on the piano else we would have to wait for MIL to get home…


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0 Responses to 3 dramas in 3 hours!

  1. chinnee says:

    at least u are smart to use the CUP at KFC. I learn from you and since i got 2 boys, i shall ask for the tallest cup in future, hehe…

  2. littlelamb says:

    very dramatic wor….
    i usually tell those cafe/restaurant ppl NOT to clear my table until i return. n in my mind i will think whether bad ppl will put poison in my food or not. so yes..always clear bladder before entering eatery outlet. i actually did have a good laugh….*bad me*

    • Angeleyes says:

      That’s why lor… KFC is a fast food joint so the staff don’t really care about
      customers or their belongings. If it is a service restaurant than I will leave the stuff there and not
      too worried since nothing important inside.

      Yeah, I’m such a fool…

  3. mumsgather says:

    Oh what a drama indeed! I can almost feel your pulse and your temperature go up! Not to mentione blood pressure too.

  4. Paik ling says:

    WAH, reading this also my heart went thump thump thump!!! Luckily baby G is also very calm and seng mok.
    P/S: nowadays bank offer the govt tax as a rebate so go on and get more than 1 cards!
    P/P/S: Now with hubs away and I take the kids out with my super blur maid, I make it a habit to carry a small empty bottle in my bag for “on-the-spot” peeing sessions πŸ™‚

  5. KittyCat says:

    OMG, I was all excited about the part where Glen got locked in too! She’s one cool gal, ya? So cute and smart πŸ˜€

    I’m sorry ya but I laughed at the part Darrius panicked when the cup started filling up with pee. Think my boy would have reacted the same way too -_- Hope you’re having a better day today!

  6. etceteramommy says:

    Oh dear… So many dramas in a day. Surely pecah record! Lucky you have good neighbors also eh..

  7. leona says:

    …And I thot I was having a hard time when I am with my kids… salute you after that triple drama day!!!
    Luckily Baby G did not panic amidst all the screaming at her to take the keys! U narrate the incidents well..can picture it in my mind…

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