Fever that lasted 5 days

This another back dated post since I have not been updating this blog for… more than a week??? 😛

The previous Friday, the day PiggyBeng was due to come back after a week in Hanoi and Jakarta leaving the 3 of us in Penang, Darrius developed fever. I was glad it was not any day earlier else I would have gone nutz! It was already tough handling the 2 kids alone (though MIL was around but she left the house before the sun rise and came home when we are about to sleep) since it was a school week so was damn lucky it only happens on the last day.

That morning he was unusually pale and refused the chocolate milk I made for him. He kept saying he wanted to sleep at the dining table so I suspected something must be not right and put my palm on his forehead and felt the heat instantly. Quickly, I took the thermometer and tested him and BINGO! His temperature was 37.9C. I made him a cup of warm fresh milk and he drank it before going out to the living room and lie down on the sofa.

While I was busy with Baby G and doing some washing in the kitchen, Darrius called out to me. HORROR! He puked on the sofa! I have to quickly confined Baby G and started cleaning up… Bathed Darrius since he has puke all over his body… *sigh* Then also take the opportunity to clean the bathroom and mop the living room!

I gave him a dose of paracetamol and told him to nap together with Baby G. Was lucky that his fever subsided when he woke up. Then we prepared to go out as I have planned to pop by QBM before going to fetch PiggyBeng from the airport.

He complained after walking for awhile so I quickly settled my stuff and off we went to the airport. It was a Friday and after lunch so we were caught in the traffic jam once we turned out to Bayan Lepas! Yeah, mosque time!

Once we picked up PiggyBeng, we went hope to drop his stuff before going out again as PigyBeng thought we’ll just have dinner earlier before the traffic build up. He thought giving fresh coconut water to Darrius will help bring down his fever so we went to Abu Siti Lane to get our coconut water fix. Half way through… Darrius puked all over himself!!!! Arrrgghhh!!

No choice but to drive home right away! However, Baby G was enjoying her coconut water and refused to budge! *o*

Since it was already about 5pm, we thought the pead was closed so we kept Darrius home. I forgot that the pead has night clinic on Mon, We and Fri… it has been some time since we visited! Darrius refused to eat that night so just cooked him some noodles soup and off he went to bed.

The next morning, PiggyBeng went to drop the card at the hospital very early in the morning so we can be among the first few in the line. We arrived around 10am and the pead just got back from his morning round from the wad. We were the 5th in line so waited for about 30 minutes or so, it was our turn.

Pead said Darrius has throat infection which caused him to puke when he tried to cough as his throat will itch from the infection. He prescribed some antibiotic and other med. Before we leave, I told the pead that Darrius has difficulties hearing me as he has a GIANT ear wax stuck in his ear!



YUCKS! Can you see how big was that piece of gold nugget??????!!!!! It has been there for the past 5 years!!!! I have wanted it to be out for quite sometime and even asked the pead a few times before to take it out but he said it was ok… so this time it is BIG enough to be removed! Finally!

He was fine the next day and I thought his fever has gone away. He refused to take the paracetamol so I thought he can skip that but the fever came on and off. When Monday came, he was still a little restless but we made it to school. However, half way through, around 10am, the school called and told me to bring him home as he is still spotting a fever.

His fever was limboing around the next two days so I told him he either take all his med or having to have Mr Fever staying on! So, he guai-guai takes in all his medication and finally on Wed, Mr fever left for good. *Phew*

Can’t believe it lasted a good 5 days!

But, Mr Flu seems to be visiting though…. *sigh*


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0 Responses to Fever that lasted 5 days

  1. Paik Ling says:

    POor kiddo. At least he rests when he’s unwell unlike my little monkeys at home. The gold nugget is DAMN GROSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kit says:

    OMG, that is a huge bunch of earwax! We’re not doing that well either. Both had allergy attacks and now I have fever. Sigh, sigh, sigh

  3. jazzmint says:

    aiyo…she sounded very much like what my kids encounter lately, but they had food poisoning.

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