Trying to save RM1

… but got slapped with a RM150 fine!

How did that happen?

About two weekends back, PiggyBeng was away on one of his business trip to Jakarta so I decided not to cook and brought the kids out for dinner. Initially we have wanted to have KFC behind our house but thought we are having KFC too often so I told Darrius we’ll go for noodles instead. So we head to e-Gate for Noodle Station which I have promised Darrius I’ll bring him there.

It was about 7pm so it will be dark by the time we are done so I decided not to park at Tesco. I was debating if I should park inside e-Gate and thought that since it is so late, our ever so Boleh law enforcers will not be around and went with my gut feel to park at the side of the condo just opposite the e-Gate’s toll house.

This Noodle Station branch is not a nice place to eat coz the aircon don’t seems to work when we sat behind the counter. Screaming Baby G made the entire experience a lousy one. 😦

We went off about 45 minutes later and was shocked to find a ticket tucked below the windscreen…

I thought it was not such a serious offence to park outside the condominium’s area though I knew it has a yellow line… it was not a busy road neither do I blocking any traffic there…

Went to make the payment last Friday only to find out that it was a RM150 fine! Reasons given – ‘Melanggar trafik lalu lintas’ loosely translated as ‘Violating traffic’ … WTF rite???!!!!

I suspected the guy sitting at the toll house in e-Gate conspired with the traffic police… what do you think?


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