The 2 faces of Washington Apples

I used to love eating apples in the past but of late, I started to shy away from them not because they are getting expensive but rather the diminishing in quality. When I was much younger, we don’t get that many varieties of fruits available here except for the common apples and oranges. Those days, there were not many varieties of apples too and they we delicious.

Recently, PiggyBeng’s company started giving out one type of fruit a day to all their employees (so generous hor?) and he often brought them home for the kids to eat. On good days, he will bring back those huge and sweet navel oranges which cost up to RM2 a piece and one lousy days, they get apples. And it is the apple I wanted to show in this post.

Have you ever wonder why we can get apples (from the same growers) whole year round when they are only in harvest for 2 months in a year? Have you ever wonder why some apples look fresh and pretty even after they are in the store for quite sometimes or after you have kept them for sometimes at home?

Do not judge a book by its cover… the phrase hold such truth! What looks beautiful in the outside does not mean it is beautiful in the inside!

And this is how my Washington Red Delicious looked like from the outside…



All shiny and fresh looking. Not a single dent mark or show any signs of aging. You would have thought it is very fresh from that perfect exterior but once you skinned off and this is what you’ll get…



And I thought it was only on one of the portions on the apple but I was wrong! After I skinned more, I am still seeing lots of brownish patches on the apple even after shaving off more into the apple…



Basically, the entire apple’s interior (close to the skin) has brownish patches which I suspect as signs of rotting. Surprisingly it is not showing on the skin! And would you ever imagine what kind of pesticides/chemical they used on these apples in order to preserved their appearance???

Out of curiosity, I went to check Washington Apples’ website and found that they only harvest the fruits (Red Delicious) once a year which is from August to September but made available round the year. Doggy??? So, where do the apples come from for the rest of the 10 months??? Mind boggling???

And after you’ve read this news, you will think twice when you buy your apples!!!

Yes, they actually kept apples and some other fruits in the cold storage for as long as 12 months! OMG! @_@

I think I better not eat apples when they are not in season… and how do we know they are actually selling apples which are freshly harvested????!!!


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0 Responses to The 2 faces of Washington Apples

  1. leona says:

    Thanks for sharing this piece of info.
    I will definitely think twice now before getting apples.
    Sometimes, its so ironic. Fruits are suppose to be healthy food but instead the level of pesticides on their skin can be really scary.
    Will definitely eat more mangoes now. But rather pricey tho.

  2. lyn says:

    Even when u buy during their harvest season, you won’t get “fresh off the tree apples”… freshly harvested will be kept in storage, selling us the “aged” apples.. unless we go to apple farm and buy it… by plucking it off… too bad in msia we dun have that privilege…

  3. mott says:

    Yea..this is applicable to ALL apples. Don’t worry.. it’s still all edible. Nvm..u can always grow your own apple trees when u get here! >

  4. I always buy Korean apple when in season. The best thing is Korean apple they only pluck it when it is ripe on the tree. So the apple is real juicy n real sweet.

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