Ms Samseng plays Masak-masak

One fine day a few weeks back while I was busy doing some ‘work’, I suddenly realized how quiet it was despite the 2 kids were not napping but playing outside. Curious, I went out and took a peek at what was the kids doing and I caught this sight…



So cute right? 😀

It was Darrius who took out all the toys and started playing with his sister. It was quite a heart warming sight to see the two of them playing ‘harmoniously’ together… no screaming, no fighting.



I think Glennedine quite enjoyed the game. She kept holding onto the fork and knife and to my surprise, she held it the right way too! I don’t remember teaching either one of the kids on hold to hold their cutleries.

Seeing that they are having so much fun I decided to get back to my work and only went to check on them when Darrius called out to me…



Yes… just like her given nick name…

She found the idea that she can climb up the table via the chair! And she was having so much fun dancing around on the table! *faint*


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0 Responses to Ms Samseng plays Masak-masak

  1. Yup, I agree that they are rare moments which we treasure ~ when they can play together peacefully. As girls mature faster than boys, Darrius will soon enjoy having her playing the same stuff he does. Look out for those special ocassions to capture with your camera.

  2. leona says:

    This little girl sure knows how to have fun!!!

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