She loves shoes…

… especially over sized one! :mrgreen:

Baby G loves wearing shoes as she knew that when we put shoes on her means we will be going out of the house. She loves to go ‘kai-kai’ just like her kor-kor when he was her age.

However, when we are at home, we don’t normally put on shoes (except MIL who wears slippers in the house) but we kept some of our shoes near the door where Ms Samseng has access to. So, when Ms Samseng is bored with her toys, she will go and get herself entertained by putting on shoes that don’t belongs to her!





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0 Responses to She loves shoes…

  1. Paik LIng says:

    Wait till she starts on her Christian Laubontins! Blueberries won’t be considered expensive!!

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