My Lil’ Fruit Bat

Baby G has a very weird appetite. She can be eating a lot today and tomorrow she could go on a hunger strike! She don’t takes a lot of milk (formula, that is!) so I have to feed her other food to compensate. She already ditched porridge just before she turned 1. Therefore, I have to feed her rice. However, she don’t really like to eat rice all the time too so I have to bribe her with noodles or other food that I can think off. But, there is one thing that she will always welcome and that is fruits… berries especially! I have a little fruits bat at home!



She takes almost all kinds of fruits served to her but she totally dig  blueberries and mangoes…



Recently, Korean strawberries are in season so I bought a few times for Darrius and tested out on Baby G. At first she don’t quite like it but after seeing her kor-kor eating them she wanted too!





I told PiggyBeng that his girl loves blueberries and he showed me an ‘ugly’ face and said ‘aiyo… gonna go pokkai lor!’ :mrgreen:

Blueberries are certainly not cheap here as one small box (around 100g) can cost up to RM10.90 a box. On good days, I can find RM6.99 a box but normally the price hoovers around RM7.99 to RM10.90. That’s why I will have to plant them myself next time!!! 😆

Well, at least she likes fruits… something is is nutritional and has lots of fibers. That is why she has very good bowel movements… sometimes up to 5 times a day!!! 😛


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0 Responses to My Lil’ Fruit Bat

  1. Chew Lee says:

    haha… baby G is so cute.. my ah boy boy also got very good bowel movement too.. both can shake hands… he likes fruits too..

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