Domino’s Pizza Home Delivery

We are not a huge fan of pizzas so we rarely thought of having any since the pizzas here are extremely pathetic. I can still remember my bad experience with Pizza Hut a while back. I can bet with anyone we could never get good pizzas here (from those fast food chain outlets) like the one we ate in Melbourne from Hot House Pizza.

Then suddenly one day somewhere during CNY, I started having this cravings for pizzas. No, I am not pregger! Just a sudden thought of eating pizza and Domino’s Pizza came to mind (probably because I had them when I was in KL last Dec). We never even try the Domino’s here though there is an outlet near our place. My previous experience with them was way back in Perth and I knew they are slightly better than Pizza Hut. Thus, I pestered PiggyBeng that I wanted Domino’s so we decided to check them out.



Instead of ordering online, we called their hotline. After making our orders, we were told that our orders shall arrives in 30 minutes. 30 minutes came and gone but still no signs of the delivery guy. Waited for almost another 15 minutes when we heard the dog next door was barking so we knew he has arrived.

And here is our first order…



Ordered the Aloha Chicken on Thin Crust and BBQ Chicken on New York Crust. Can’t really tell the difference between the two types of crusts! I like their twisty bread sticks very much though… The onion rings were too soggy but Darrius ate most of them!

And since they were late by 15 minutes, the delivery guy gave us this…



I think this a very clever marketing strategy! They purposely come late so they can give you one of these cards and you will have to ‘pong-chan’ again to redeem the item! You have to purchase at least a regular pizza (RM23.80) to use the card in order to get another regular pizza FOC…

Then, early this month when PiggyBeng went on a biz trip to Jakarta, I decided not to cook and called for another delivery. I did not use the card as I wanted to order one of the promo which has something I have been yearning to try.

I ordered another Aloha Chicken since Darrius likes the pineapple cubes on the pizza but had it on their classic hand tossed crust. Then I got their meat mania, which was also on their classic hand tossed crust. I supposed the hand tossed are more filling too.




Darrius do not like the olives on the pizza but I managed to ‘tricked’ him to eat them by telling him that Tessa eats them! Woot! 😛 He ‘will’ like what Tessa likes!!!! *faint*

And this is what I wanted yearning to try so badly…



But… it does not taste as good as I have imagined it to be!!!! 😦

Overall, Domino’s here is still far fetch from what I’ve expected them to be when comparing to the Domino’s in Australia. Somehow, the toppings here are way too paltry… *very stingy*. And they don’t come cheap. Do you know that I can get a large pizza in Australia for less than AUD$7 (RM21) sometimes??? And they usually have very generous + quality toppings on their pizzas too!!!

Now that I have tasted whatever I wanted to taste, I guess I won’t be craving for it for a while. However, I still have 2 of the ‘I am Sorry, we are late’ cards (yes, I got another one mailed to me because they was not quick enough to pick up my phone call!) so I’ll probably order when PiggyBeng goes on another biz trip and I am lazy to cook! 😛


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  1. I tried Domino’s delivery service once or twice when I was in HQ. Nothing to shout about but I like my Pizzas hot, so I prefer to eat at their outlet.

  2. littlelamb says:

    Since when D jatuh cinta??

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