The ABCDE of Formula are all Craps!

I am in the midst of weaning Baby G off breast milk and thus has been scouting around for the right formula milk for her. She has been rejecting almost all the milk I have introduced so far. There are so many brands and so many types! All claimed that they have the best nutrition for the babies or kids. I had a hard time choosing. I don’t want to spend too much since I do not know if Baby G will like it or not so each time I only buy the smallest tin to try.

First, I got her some Enfagrow which she refused but managed to finished through adding into cereal. She hates it when given through bottle. Then I went to get her Lactogen. It came in 2 packets of 300g I think. Same thing… she rejected them but I managed to feed some through bottle but with lots of battles… like taking almost 2 hours to finish 2 ounces!!!! 😦 Then I went to get her the Abbott’s Gain Plus. Same story! Went through a lot of tears, sweat and stress!

So, final verdict – She either hates the bottle or the milk! Since I have tried feeding her using the spoon, the straw and the cup, there is still no changes so it has to be the milk. She hates Formula Milk – PERIOD.

Then I got to know about this site and read about this article…


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I remembered that those sales reps of the milk companies always stressed the importance of these DHA/ARA in their milk powder which is very vital (to be smarter or whatever!) for all growing up kids but being someone who only breastfeed exclusively, I hardly have much ideas coz to me Mama’s milk has all the required nutrients.

Only when I started shopping for milk powder for Baby G did I start doing some read up. During Darrius’s time I was too relax since he took almost any milk I gave him. He was fine to not stick to a particular brand so there was no problems with switching him from one brand to another. However, silly me will stick to those that is not too costly and yet still contains the DHA/ARA thingy.

After reading the above article, I felt a little cheated and I felt really bad that I am actually feeding ‘poison’ to my kids! PiggyBeng has always been skeptical with all these so called chemicals added in most milk powders. He will tell me to not buy all those expensive ones as they are mostly marketing gimmicks that droves up the prices.

Since I have to replenish Darrius’s milk powder, I decided to buy a packet of this milk which does not contain those ABCDE stuff…



Yeap… going back to basic!

I also gave him those UHT box milk too which to me, is still better than formula milk.  Since both kids are eating a varieties of food, they can also get their nutrients from those food. That’s why I have been active with packing bento for Darrius as each bento contains a good amount of different nutrients which he will need each day.

So, does not means you spent a fortune on formula milk your kids will be genius/prodigies! It is all marketing gimmicks to disillusion kiasu parents! 😛


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0 Responses to The ABCDE of Formula are all Craps!

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Firstly, thanks for sharing! I was very much suspicious of all these stuff as well. Think it makes my kids hyper-active! At the same time, I think there is no need to go into panic mode. There are probably pros and cons to every additives that we consume, right down to addition of acid into tomato sauce, which every kids loves!!! As for the ban, if I read correctly, it’s because the manufacturer has added synthetic fats into an “organic” product. It’s not outright ban of DHA. But like you say, back to basics is the best! UHT milk also helps also I find it a pain to re-heat the contents and dump it into a milk bottle for my fussy “I need warm milk from my bottle” kids!!!
    P/S: sorry I’d missed you in KL!!!

  2. jazzmint says:

    I’ve started giving them UHT milk since our travelling stint started sometime ago, cause hubs get free milk from aircraft :P. And they really move the cold milk LOL. As for Enfa, I’ve ditched them long time ago, cause of the rising prices, 1 yr 4 times!! Ridiculous. I’ve moved to dumex, good old brand 🙂

  3. a-moms-diary says:

    I also interpret the article the same way as Paik Ling. The call for removal is due to the addition of “inorganic” AA/DHA into organic formula. AA/DHA are important components of the brain and eyes, and numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of AA/DHA on visual acuity and cognitive development in infants.

    Of course breastfeeding is best, as it contains the right amount of nutrients that infants need but for infants who are not breastfed, they need an infant formula that is supplemented with AA/DHA, as the body cannot synthesized these essential fatty acids. As such, there exists independent scientific experts’ recommendations on the appropriate level of AA/DHA in infant formula.

    Once the child is taking a variety of food, then it doesn’t really matter if he/she takes milk that is fortified with AA/DHA as AA/DHA is present in a variety of food like fish, eggs and even vegetables, but for babies who are totally dependent on formula for all their nutritional needs, it is important that they take infant formula fortified with AA/DHA.

    On whether or not DHA makes the kids smarter – now that have not been proven scientifically.

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