Drivers here are soooo ungracious!

This morning I brought the kids out to Tesco to have lunch as well as to stock up on our daily groceries. Everything went well until when we were on our way out of the parking lot. One dumb ass just parked his/her car right in front of my car (even where there were a few empty lots next to his/her car!!!) which left me with very little room to maneuver the car. Arrgghh!

When I finally moved out I met with another dumb ass at the exit! Well, I was wrong to go to a no-entry but my car was parked nearest to that exit so it made sense to go out from there and not have to make a big round to go another exit. After all it is a hypermarket’s parking so don’t really have to abide the law since it was not crowded. But that dumb ass was damn rude! She just come head on and refused to budge and still rolled down her window and scolded me! Why we have such ungracious drivers here????

She looked as if wanted to pick up a fight too!!! I was so mad that I showed her my finger when I drove off! Unfortunately we do not have much protection in personal injury else I would have purposely ram into her car! Bleak~

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