Dead beat tired!

For the past 2 nights I can hardly clock in any decent sleep so don’t even talk to me about money falling from the sky or about rfid as I won’t get to register anything!! Ms Samseng is really a very difficult child! She refused her milk but she wakes up so many times at night! I suspected she is hungry since she wanted to suckle but she don’t want anything except… well, to suckle!

Last night, I tried to go to bed later than usual (since PiggyBeng is away) so I gave Baby G her night feed close to 10.30pm. She drank a little and refused. Fine. I then put everyone in the room and tried again. She finished 1 ounce so I got really pissed and threaten her but tried not to make her cry since my MIL is sleeping in the next room.

This girl just bite on the teat and fell asleep!!!! Arrrrrgggghhhh! So there goes the other 1 ounce of milk to the drain! WASTE!!!!

I am dead beat tired now but can’t go to sleep (fyi, Ms Samseng woke up and falls back to sleep!!!!) as I need to complete a host of work before going to fetch Darrius from kindy later.


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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  1. Oh dear, poor mommy. Hope this is just a phase. Good luck ya.

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