Baby G’s Birthday

Gosh… it has been almost 3 months and finally I got all the photos edited!

It was supposed to be Ms Samseng’s BIG day but we can’t give her any big celebration due to the timing factor during that few days. That was because we have to go to KL and stayed for 3 weeks as PiggyBeng have to travel to 3 different countries!

Thus, we had a small do for her a week before her actual birthday together with my parents since my brother and his family already have other engagement that night. We went to a restaurant in Mahkota which serves quite tasty food…



Then on the actual day I brought the kids out to Mid Valley myself and spent the day there doing a host of things. The kids had so much fun of course!

Firstly, we had morning tea a the Struddle Cafe in Metro…



When we were done, we went around looking at the Christmas decorations which were already 80% done up.  And what else but the kids enjoying the fun Christmas atmosphere???? The theme in Mid Valley last year was Toy Box or something so among them, there was this really HUGE teddy…



When we were done with sight seeing in Mid Valley, we hopped over to Gardens to look for Glennedine’s Birthday cake since I am not baking any. Birthday girl must at least blow the candle right????!!!! And so we bought something from the famous young baker’s bakery…



Once we settled on the cake, we went on search for a place to have our lunch. As you will know, lunch time in Mid Valley is mayhem coz every nooks and corners will be packed with people! I had wanted to go to Fong Lye but like I mentioned, the crowds are scary…

So, after checking out a few more locations I asked Darrius what he wanted to eat? He was clueless and Baby G was already zzzz. Then I asked if he wanted to have pizza and pizza was what we had!



There is no Domino Pizza restaurant in Penang so it was good that we get to check out this one in Mid Valley. We went for the promo where we get a personal pan pizza with unlimited serving of soup, twisted cheese sticks and a glass of ice lemon tea. Good value! Darrius had 2 serving of their soup! He only ate one slice and Baby G was sleeping the entire time and by the time she woke up we were almost done so I gave her a twisted cheese stick which she finished in no time!



We shopped for a while more before we left around 3+pm to avoid the massive jam in the Cheras highways. Managed to pop by Tesco to get some stuff too before we head home for dinner.

After dinner, PiggyBeng called from Osaka to sang the Birthday song to his little princess and she blew her candle in from of the webcam…



That that pretty much wrapped up the princess’s BIG day. I made her daddy to promise that he will give her grand celebrations in the coming years since he missed 2 of his princess’s BIG day!


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0 Responses to Baby G’s Birthday

  1. javapot says:

    happy belated bday baby G!

  2. Happy Belated 1st Birthday sweetie. She looks so “grown up” in the last pics. Hey, how did you managed to go to MidValley alone with two kids and stroller? Bravo!

  3. jacss says:

    aiyah….dady missed another big event ahh 😀
    she’s such a sweetie, can’t have enough of seeing her ;P

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