I want to go to ‘school’

Ms Samseng is only 14 months plus (I missed blogging her monthly updates for the past 2 months) and she has already displayed the eagerness to follow whatever her kor-kor do. It is like a case of ‘monkey sees, monkey do’! 😛

Every morning it was not Darrius who is the one who wakes up early to go to school but Ms Samseng! Every little noise will sure to wakes her up! And she will be so fresh and filled with happiness each morning that she will give a big grin when she sees me. The lazy kor-kor on the other hand will try to buy a few more minutes in bed. She can’t wait to get out of the house and send kor-kor off to school so she can go to school too!

Then one day I found an old bag which Darrius used to play with and gave it to Ms Samseng. She was happy upon seeing the bad and I helped her put it on her and she went toddling excitedly around the living halls…




For goodness sake, she can’t even walk that steadily yet! 😆 She just love what others do and follow. After seeing her daddy picking his nose, the little samseng also started picking her nose!!!! *smack forehead*


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0 Responses to I want to go to ‘school’

  1. Elaine says:

    My JL was like that, so eager want to go school. Now that she really got a chance to attend school, she cries almost everyday when I drop her off at school. 😦

  2. Kit says:

    I think I will start mine when she hits 2 years old 😉 She will also love school like her brother – tested it out during his school birthday party LOL

  3. janicepa says:

    Ms. Samseng is very cute.. Guess if she follows her Gor Gor to school she can do well .. hehe…

  4. jacss says:

    geee…… so kiut lah seeing a little people walking like that.
    same for mine also mabuk walking, can’t wait for him to be stable 😀

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