Baby wants it too!

Last night while I was busy updating posts on this blog, Darrius and his daddy was sitting on the mat playing with their respective gadgets. Then Baby G came walking in and saw them (she was outside watching TV earlier) and started snatching the Galaxy Tab from Darrius. Of course Darrius won’t give up so screams started to fill the room!

And to appease the little Samseng, mommy has to give her something…



Yeah, she wanted a share of the action too! :mrgreen:

Ok, she is still too young to be caught up in this gadgety world but when everyone in the house is playing with one, it is quite tough to avoid the situation. This girl also too smart as she will throw away the toy phone as there are no lights or sounds!


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0 Responses to Baby wants it too!

  1. littlelamb says:

    Piggy got the Samsung and Ipad right..which one Darrius like best?

  2. Yeapies says:

    JoJo is the new “owner” of my iPhone now until che-che dun even stand a chance to get near to it… 😦

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