Marmalade Cafe @ BVS II

This is another very backdated post.

On Darrius’s actual birthday after we had breakfast (the famous beef noodles in Taman Tayton) and dropped PiggyBeng at the KLIA Express station, we adjourned to Kidz Sport at Bangsar Village Shopping to celebrate his day with his cousin, Adrian. At the same time I wanted to check out Marmalade Cafe after hearing so much about it from fellow blogging mommies. So, after checking the kids in to Kidz Sport, together with my parents and my brother, off we went to Marmalade.

It was not that crowded when we arrived so we got the bench seat on the platform area. While everyone was checking out the menu, little Ms Samseng do not want to lose out too so kau-fu gotta entertain her…



I would say the ambiance for the place was quite pleasant… bright and cheery since it was situated at the corner of the building with glass windows around. I was told that there is a children play area but silly me has forgot to check out that place since the kids were not around except Baby G. Anyway, I managed to see the kid’s area on another occasion which I will blog about later.

Since we just had breakfast not too long ago, my dad said he don’t want to have anything which is too heavy so he decided to order from the bakery. He had their bread pudding cake which came with some cream and a scoop of ice-cream. According to dad it tasted quite good. 😀



Next it was what my mom ordered. For the very first time she had beef lasagna! She was never a beef eater previously but turning into one lately. Must be my dad been telling her that she has missed a lot of great food if she do not want to eat beef! 😛



The lasagna tasted quite ok too though it was pretty rich with all those cheeses and cream! After all, we had late breakfast that morning! Mom can’t finish on her own so dad helped her (that was why dad did not order any main dish as he knew mom can’t finish her food!) 😛

Next was what I ordered…



It was some Masala chicken with fried brown rice. Ok, I must say that the fried brown rice tasted a little weird… kinda sticky. However, the Masala chicken tasted quite ok too. It came with a small jar of gravy, some vege and a piece of papadum.

My brother only had a cup of tea as he had brunch just before he joined us.

And here is Ms Samseng with her signature pose…



Most of the main dishes are less than RM20 so I would say they are quite affordable since the cafe is nestled in a so-called high end shopping mall. The pricey items are their drinks which cost at least RM8/glass (juices) except soft drinks. It is a nice place for catch-up sessions with friends with kids since they also have Kid’s Menu which I did not get to see on that day but ordered from on another day. 😀


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0 Responses to Marmalade Cafe @ BVS II

  1. Nomadic Mom says:

    Lasagna with cream sounds abit odd.

  2. Yeapies says:

    oooo… the lasagna sure gets my saliva flowing…. 😛

  3. leeyen says:

    pai seh, i have not cheacked it out too though I have been there few times! :p

  4. leona says:

    Looking at Baby G’s pic definitely put a wide smile on my face…

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