Kok Lek Si @ Night during CNY

Just when I thought I was done with my CNY posts, I discovered we took some photos of the annual CNY light up at Kek Lok See a few nights before Chap Goh Meh. We did not go up the hill this year since it is more or less the same. The one and only time we were there was 2 years back.



And to add on to the beauty, this year the Kwan Yin’s pagoda which is almost near its completion steal the show…



The project took more than 8 years and hopefully they can complete soon. If you noticed, there are still scaffolding at one of the sides.


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0 Responses to Kok Lek Si @ Night during CNY

  1. Nomadic Mom says:

    Wow! These look really good!!!

  2. chinnee says:

    when we were there 2 yrs back, the huge kuan yin was not ready. but now its so beautiful! can’t wait to go to penang again one day!

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