Opening of the Bunny Year – Part 4

For the past few years, Darrius did not get to play with any sparklers or fireworks not because I won’t allow him to play but he is such a chicken that he was afraid of all those ‘fire’ burning his hands. Good for us since we can save some $$$ there! 😛

However, thinking that he might not have much of a chance to enjoy all these when we relocate, I told PiggyBeng to get him some after we had our reunion dinner.

Being a chicky (he was born in the year of the Golden Rooster), he only dares to play with the harmless ‘POP POP’! Damn useless right????!!! No matter how we coaxed him to play with the sparklers it was furtile, he will shook his head and ran away! 😛



Since he dares not play, the daddy keep no reservation and played them! 😆 Well, the little princess wanted to watch all the bright lights mah! 😛



Then on the eve of the 9th day, we finally managed to persuade him to try playing with the sparklers since his boxes of POP POP finished. Also due to the continuous banging from our neighbors (there were so much fireworks being played!) that the little chicken heart ventured out…



I am glad he enjoyed himself and has those memories with him to bring along when we are in DownUnder. Don’t know when he’ll gets to play with all these fun festive stuff again???!!!

Guess this post wraps up our Bunny year celebration! 😀


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