I miss Lavender Bakery!

Are you a bread lover? If you are, then you should have heard of Lavender Bakery which has a few outlets in KL and in Johor too!. Actually they started in Johor back in 2000. How I wish they have one here in Penang!

The first time I purchased from them was about 3 years back when I saw them in Pavilion. At that time I don’t see that many creative creations yet but the past 2 years they came out with quite a numbers of very nice stuff!

One of my favorite is their Macha (Green Tea) Red Beans Toasts…



These macha toasts are not overly sweet and I extremely love their texture… so soft and it is so addictive to munch on them! The only thing is, they don;t come cheap! For 2 slices, I think I paid RM2.30 for them. Too bad they don’t come in a loaf else I’ll definitely get a loaf each time!



Actually, they are not red beans but kidney beans. Those almond flakes add a nice taste to the entire bread. Also, the top has a layer of butter almond sugar which taste really good! Looking at them now made me salivating lioa! 😦


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