Noodle Station Mid Valley

One of the eateries that we tried out in KL was Noodle Station when we were in Mid Valley. We walked passed it many times but never thought of patronizing them until that day as I thought we should check it out. Only recently that I found out it has a branch in e-Gate, Penang… 😛



They have quite a good varieties but due to the fact that I wanted certain ingredients in my bowl, I was left with only limited choice and I ended up ordering their smoked black pepper chicken noodles with their original sauce.




Darrius had their smoked original drumstick noodles since he has to share it with Glennedine. Like what listed in their menu, the noodles are indeed very springy which I really like but taste wise just so-so. Their pricing is considered reasonable. I would like to try their curry noodles if I visit them again.



And here is Glennedine looking happily while waiting for our food to be served…




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0 Responses to Noodle Station Mid Valley

  1. Kit says:

    Thanks for the review – we’ll look out for it the next time we go. Both kids love noodles 😀

    By the way, thanks for all the “food” taboos you gave me for the chickenpox. All the aunties, grandmas and even men here are telling me the same thing LOL

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