The Story of ‘Nian’

Oh golly! Tomorrow will be the last day of Lunar New Year! How time passes when we are having loads of fun yeah?

Before the closing of the festival I would like to share with everyone about the story of ‘Nian’ which Darrius reminded me when his school celebrated the pre-CNY gathering in his kindy the week before CNY.



I guess it was a really good way to teach kids about how the festival came about by using a more visual presentation. Though the above video was not the one that was shown to the students (according to Darrius) but it has the same meaning.

So, the next time a kid ask you why we have fireworks, why we must have red, why we wear red clothing during the Lunar New Year, you will have an idea. 😀


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  1. chewlee says:

    thanks for sharing, ALice. gong xi fatt choy to you and your family.

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