Set Lunch @ Garden Cafe 1 Utama

During our last stay in KL, I braved up and drove around with the kids tagging along. The very first time we made was a trip to 1 Utama. Very terra eh? Actually driving in KL was not that bad after all except for the constant jams and much longer journey as compared to Penang. 1 Utama is about 40 minutes from my parents’ place in normal traffic condition on a weekday.

Was supposed to meet up with Oscar’s Mommy but at the last minute she has to go for viewing so we just went ahead with our plans. With no ideas for to head for lunch, I just find a place which is convenient and with lot of space. We opted for Garden Cafe. It was my 3rd time there but it was my first time trying their set lunch.

Since I was lunching with the kids and they don’t eat that much I decided to order just 1 set to be shared among ourselves. We had their Seafood Marianna Spaghetti. It was nothing to shout about but I must say their serving was huge… well, there was a lot of spaghetti but the seafood was however… limited. The set came with a bowl of soup and a glass of ice lemon tea.



The kids like the ambiance.. especially Darrius as he was clowning around after the waiter took our order. When the food came, he made all those stupid faces as he knew I am snapping photos of him and the food…. 😐





I forgot to bring my camera so I used my mobile phone’s camera so the quality was not so good. The photos came out quite dark so have to use PS to make some adjustments.

The trip turned out to be quite an enjoyable one and both kids behaved quite well since I told them that we will leave if they are naughty. 😛


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  1. jazzmint says:

    haha his expression is priceless!!

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