Opening of the Bunny Year – Part 2

On the 1st day of Lunar New Year we went to ‘pai-nian’ after breakfast. We first went to PiggyBeng’s eldest aunt’s place where all the other relatives will congregate. Before we went out, I made the kids pose for a photo…



So nice to see both kids in their festive wear!! This year Glennedine had so much fun as she can already walk prior to CNY and she practically walk non stop! She strut around every nooks and corners of the house which she get access to. It was so cute to see her strutting around in that little red qipao! 😀

While the adults were having a good time catching up the kids were having a great time playing with each others. Here is Glennedine with her cousin brother, Jovern…



He is about 1.5 month younger than Glennedine so he still can’t walk yet. Our Samseng Girl was the social butterfly that day going around as if she was the host of the place! hahahaha

Besides ‘pai-nian’ at eldest aunt’s place, we also went ‘pai-nian’ at FIL’s place as well as MIL’s mom’s (the kids’ gread grandmother) place.

It was a tiring day!!!


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0 Responses to Opening of the Bunny Year – Part 2

  1. chinnee says:

    eee…..everyone looks so cute in RED!

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