Opening of the Bunny Year – Part 1

Slotting in a more recent event before I turn back to those back-dated posts…

How time flies! This is the 6th Lunar New Year for Darrius and the 2nd for Glennedine! And this is my 6th year celebrating with my little family!

Previously we will normally have our reunion dinner having steamboat at home as this is the tradition in PiggyBeng’s family but we did flaunt the tradition twice though! Once, we went to the hotel for buffet and another time we joined my side of the family. These happened because SIL and her family can’t be home for the celebration so it was really a hassle to cook so much and at the end we have to stuff ourselves silly with lots of left over food or ingredients from the steamboat. We had the steamboat last year but at a much smaller scale since SIL was not home as well.

So, what happened this year? Well, my MIL was not feeling too well and all of us are lazy busy (PiggyBeng has to study) and we felt eating all the leftover is a dreadful thing to do… Well, isn’t that the greatest excuse to eat out???!!! Eventually we will eat out since we don’t have to slog in the kitchen the entire day and ended up with cleaning up as well as lots of left overs clogging the freezer!

It was difficult to source for a venue actually because Penang has not catch up with the rest of the states yet by offering reunion dinners like Ipoh or KL. Initially we have wanted to go for buffet again at the hotel but most are HALAL and how can we have HALAL food when it is Lunar New Year right????? It was another lucky thing that my parents came just 3 weeks before CNY and I brought them to Red Tea House in Far Lim for dim sum and asked if their Red Bali is offering any reunion dinner and BINGO!

And off we went for a stress free meal with just the few of us…



The food was good and their pricing was reasonable too since we did not order those typical CNY dishes. This was the first time we ate here but MIL has eaten here before. However, due to the fact that it was CNY eve, the service was a little chaotic as I suspected some of the staff are employed just for that day. It took us 2 hours to finish when we can normally finish within an hour. Anyway, everyone was happy as we don’t have to clean up after dinner! 😀

Also to note that both kids behaved quite well while waiting for the dishes to be served. There were two other girls about Glennedine’s age sitting at the next table and they were making lots of noises as well as crying and screaming. Instead of joining them, Glennedine just stared at them with complete amusement! o_O

On our way back to the car, we decided to pop over a temporary make shift stall selling fireworks and sparklers for Darrius…



We did not sleep early that night as the sound from all the firework bombings made it tough for us to sleep so we waited till mid night to see all the fireworks before retiring at almost 1am.


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0 Responses to Opening of the Bunny Year – Part 1

  1. a-moms-diary says:

    Still not too late to wish you and your family Gong Xi Fa Cai hor? Few more days to go 🙂

  2. jazzmint says:

    wow where did u manage to stock up so many ahem ahem…

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