Bad Breakfast Breed Dumb Kids

Last night while waiting for the bombing session to end I decided to read some news and this particular piece of article/video caught my attention and I thought I should share it here too beside on my Bento Fun blog.

After watching the video (an interview) it really made me ponder and a surge of guilty feeling came over me. I knew I have been bad preparing over night food for the kids sometimes and serving Darrius sausages whenever he request for them. All those convenient kid’s food are so devilish if we really look into the type of ingredients used but most of the time we don’t do that but rather just buy and feed them all because they are so damn convenient!



My mom always nag me about over night food which are not meant for kids. Sometimes out of laziness I do cook extra and keep some in the freezer so I could heat them up the next day all because I am spared from cleaning the kitchen! I guess cleaning the kitchen is better than having dumb kids!! 😐

Darrius loves to eat all those crispy stuff and they are really bad for him! Fried food from outside are the worst as we do not know how long/how many times they have been using them to fry things. Imagine those toxic in there!!!!

I guess from now onward, I have to really plan our menu carefully and to make sure the kids are being fed healthy and nutritious food…. be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Gotta keep all those junks out of their sights!


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0 Responses to Bad Breakfast Breed Dumb Kids

  1. littlelamb says:

    i feel so guilty.. cos i do all of the 5. P can survive on biscuits alone!!!

  2. mott says:

    Eh… please la. I never ate any sausages growing up, but i’m still STUPIAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus what about those ppl who cook more and freeze them? Is not considered ‘old’ food? Hahahah..dun worry la…

    I don’t think Darrius is remotely as stupiak as me.. he got first in class wor!!!!!!

  3. a-moms-diary says:

    Hmm…I think that report sensationalizes things – the foods mentioned won’t make kids stupid, they are just not good for health, not just for kid, but adults too, if taken often and in large amounts.

    And I’m not sure if their “claim” that leftover food produces sodium nitrate is substantiated. Sodium nitrate is a chemical compound used in the curing of meat, so it’s commonly found in processed food like sausages, ham. bacon etc so yes, eating too much sausages is not good lor.

    If at all, eating leftover food may lead to indigestion, flatulence and food poisoning as bacteria, fungus are able to grow and multiply if the food is not properly stored. But leftover causing cancer? That’s too preposterous, for me at least.

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