Of spitting and punishment

When I went to fetch Darrius today at his school, one of his teachers ran to me. I was a little surprised as she spoke in a very soft tone. This was the first time we spoke to each other too since she is one of the new teachers who joined the kindy during last year holiday programme.

She told me that Darrius spitted onto his classmate’s pencil case so she reprimanded him and asked him to ‘fa-jhan’ (stand up) for a few minutes. Darrius was, of course cried lar… being the hampau-king that he is. Then the teacher continued telling me the root of the case. Apparently one of his classmates do not want to befriend him so he got angry and spitted onto her pencil case. Boys! He is getting really notorious! 😐

After the teacher finished I told her she did the right thing as Darrius is really getting a little too much lately. He is getting very bold and rude too. Don’t know where he learned all these bad behaviors from? I never let him watch all those unethical shows nor play all the violent games.

Anyway, I just hope he will learn after this session. I must start my STAR chart soon so to keep him practice good behavior!


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  1. Nomadic Mom says:

    Think it’s a phase…

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