Battling with milk feeds

It is approximately 2 weeks since Glennedine started taking her formula milk using milk bottle. I can say it was not a smooth journey at all from the very start. It took me almost a week to get her started and now we are battling feeding time every morning and night… so don’t even mention afternoon feed!

Last night we hit a naught when she refused the bottle entirely. The moment she sees the bottle she put out her hand in defence and waved the bottle away! No matter how we tried to threaten her she refused to budge… even when we put her down at the foot of the bed and switched off the light. She rather cried her lungs out than drinking her milk! She kept indicating that she wanted mama’s milk and not the milk bottle! Smart girl there! Just too bad mama don’t have enough to keep her filled up for the entire night.

We even threw her out the room a few times but she still refused! So, out of desperation, I brought her downstairs and dumped her in her playpen in the living all by herself… she wail and wail of course. After a few minutes I went back and asked her if she wants to drink milk now but she still refused but I picked her up and tried to push the teat into her mouth. She is still very stubborn and tried pushing the bottle away but I told her if she still don’t take her milk then I’ll put her back into the playpen so she sort of gave in and started to drink…. in snail pace!

I have to sing to her for almost 30 minutes so that she can finish that miserable 2 ounces of milk! She almost dozed off while sucking too!

How long do I have to put through with this??? Relatives complaint that she is so tiny compared to other babies! Arrgghh!


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0 Responses to Battling with milk feeds

  1. Lynette says:

    TOOK ME 6mths and sometimes he still doens’t want to suckle from bottle.
    To make thing quick, i open up the cover and pour it inside(like cup feeding) and he takes it that way….

  2. Leeyen says:

    Aiseh! She sounds like M who drives me up the wall! Battle Battle everyday I wonder when all these will stop! 😦

  3. Paik Ling says:

    Wah the girl quite persistent eh?

  4. jacss says:

    aiyo…. the samseng really sounds stubborn ehh!! but then, kesian her also with the battling like that…..hungry tummy & wailing 😦
    the downside of exclusive b/f’g hor ???

  5. jacss says:

    aiyo….yr samseng really sounds stubborn ehh ??
    but then, kesian her also having to battle like that….. hungry tummy & wailings 😦
    the downside of exclusive b/feeding hor???

  6. a-moms-diary says:

    So are you still bf or totally on bottle now?

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