Wilton Method Cake Decorating Course 1,2,3

Last Christmas was by far one of the best in my life besides the years where I have Darrius and Glennedine of course!. I don’t only get one pressie but 2 for the record! The first was being given a 3 full day of attending the Wilton Methods of Cake Decorating Intensive Course 1,2,3 @ Wisma ICCA in Kota Damansara.

Since I am not based in KL, it is not easy to fit into the courses’ schedule. Moreover I have to take care of 2 kids and my mom can’t help as she has to take care of my nephew. Attending this course has been on my wish list for so long but each time the schedule clashes and the course fee kinda ‘high’.

If you have seen my work before, I am not very good with piping icing and this course is all about piping icing! To move forward, we always have to learn new things as well as to master new skills! Though my shop is currently closed but I am going to open it again someday! šŸ˜€

To make it possible for me to attend this course, there are some sacrifices both PiggyBeng and myself have to make. PiggyBeng has to take 2 days of his annual leave (the course started on a Thursday) so that he can take care of the kids while I am in class which starts from 9am to 6pm or beyond. To make it more complicated, I am still breastfeeding Glennedine. So, what we did was, PiggyBeng has to drop me (we have to drive from Cheras) every morning so we can have breakfast before I give Glennedine a feed. Then he will drive the kid over around lunch and my afternoon tea break so that I can give Glennedine her feeds. It was a lot of work! Thank God PiggyBeng’s uncle stays nearby so they will pop over his place for half a day once PiggyBeng dropped me off. Even the kids have to sacrifice… they have to wake up so early and be home so late as we have to beat the morning and evening rush traffic from Cheras to Damansara.

I must really thank my PiggyBeng for paying the fees and taking care of the kids for 3 full day!!! This was the first time I have left the kids for such long hours! They behaved well I guessed… just that on Day 2 Glennedine had bad digestion and puked the entire night! šŸ˜¦

On the first day, we did some introduction before the class begins. I was extremely glad that the MD of ICCA, Rosalind Chan was the instructor for the course. She resides in Canada so she will only fly in when they conduct the 3-day intensive course which only happens once every few months. Thus, there are students who came as far as Germany to attend the course!!

First on, we did some simple piping of various flowers in Course 1 which took a few hours…



The course includes 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks a day. On the first day we were being treated to Old Town but it took too long so we opted for packed food for Day 2 and Day 3 since we need lots of time to do practices. Items for tea breaks were done in-house by some of their bakers and the best thus far was their scones…



They were so yummy that I whacked at least 5 or 6 pieces! Now that I am writing this post I feel so hungry looking at them!!! I must make some one day!!

And here is how moi looked like on Day 2…



On Day 2, we were thought how to pipe more intricate royal icing flowers on a nail such as poinsettia, lilies and morning glory…




We were taught on how to make fondant roses too…



And this is how my table is all the time…



We also learned how to wrap a cake using both buttercream and fondant. Normally buttercream is to give a base coat to the cake which we need to decorate so we can hide all the imperfections. It is a lot of work!!!

And here a shot with my neighbor for that 3 days…



And we are required to do a 3-tier wedding cake as our final project…



This is how the base of my 3-tier looked like…



And here is how my cake looked like at the end of the day…



I did not have enough time to do what I have planned to do so this is the best I could come out with by using all the practice work to create the final designs. Very proud to say I did it all by myself… even the touching up! Most of the other students asked for Rosalind or other assistant instructors to help them.

Last but not least a photo with the sifu…



It was a fun course and I had learned so much about the world of cake decorating which I have never knew before! I so hope I could attend other courses to equip myself for future endeavour…


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0 Responses to Wilton Method Cake Decorating Course 1,2,3

  1. Yeapies says:

    Great job wor! Btw, what happened to the cake at the end? In your tummy liao? šŸ˜›

  2. javapot says:

    beautiful job. so glad hubs was able to help out. look forward to more beautiful creations from u.

  3. rachel says:

    very very intrigue n detail work!!!! Thank God you are keen in this area. I can only go wow wow wow…good job. Hope you can practice this in ur new place later on..

  4. Nomadic Mom says:

    I jealous liow ! I also want to attend!!!

    Eh. Your hubs very good leh… Send u to the course, be your driver, babysitter and still can drive your daughter round to you for the feeds. Kudos…

    Btw, great job in your piping skills and the wedding cake. Looks awesome.

  5. michelle says:

    Wow looks good! I wonder if I take this class, what can I create out of it.

  6. jacss says:

    wow alice, the final outcome of the wedding was absolutely beautiful…. ready to be cut by wed couple šŸ˜›
    hope u get to benefit what u’ve learnt in d future šŸ˜€
    really salute yr huby…. what a awesome huby !!!

  7. Angie says:

    Wow looks amazing!!

  8. jazzmint says:

    wow syiok…i always admire all these deco, but i really sulk at baking LOL

  9. KittyCat says:

    Wow! Looks like you’re all ready for your future endeavours šŸ˜€

    I think if I attended the course, I would have fainted at the thought of having to decorate a 3-tier wedding cake!!!

    I feel so hungry now looking at the rock buns just now LOL

  10. sting says:

    oh wow! that’s so lovely!! you sure have amazing skill! šŸ™‚

  11. a-moms-diary says:

    Your Piggy Beng so devoted to you šŸ™‚
    This skill will surely come in handy when you decide to rekindle your baking business.

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