Taking on the milk bottle

It has been about a week now since I started Ms Samseng on drinking formula milk from the milk bottle. Before this, about 1.5 month back, I only mix formula milk into her cereal since she refused to drink from the milk bottle. So far I only fill water in the milk bottle which she has been religiously refused! That was why she got a water bottle instead for that particular purpose.

Initially, she refused to suck on the milk bottle but I persevere on. I only mix 2 ounces of milk for her each time for the past few days, 2 times a day. The first 2 days, she refused and only down about 1 ounce of milk and the rest will have to be discarded. Waste waste! Also, it took like forever to finish that 1 ounce! *gggrrrrr*



Then I decided to distract her with her favorite Youtube MV and at least she finished them though it took us almost 30 minutes each time! Well, at least there is an improvement… not much wastage and we don’t waste that much time!

Yesterday we managed to get it done faster so I thought I’ll be a little brave and put one more ounce and made 3 ounces for her this morning. She still refused but I threaten to throw her down if she don’t finish so kuai-kuai she finished all 3 ounces in 30 minutes! Woot!

Only one thing I need to work on now… to make her hold her own bottle! After taking the photo above, she has stopped holding her milk bottle! Why so lazy lar this Samseng Girl????!!!


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0 Responses to Taking on the milk bottle

  1. miche says:

    her kor kor still drink from bottle? maybe kor kor can encourage her by drinking together. dats how my no.4 starts drinking from bottle. he grabbed kor kor’s bottle out of curiousity.

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