The training continues…

Yikes! It is 5am and I am here blogging! :mrgreen:

Well, I was woken up by Ms Samseng about 3 hours ago and since then I can’t fall back to sleep. After tossing and turning I decided to come down and do some work instead rather than waste time starring into the darkness in the room!

Ok, we are actually in the midst of training Glennedine to go without night feeds. We have been at it for almost a month now and though we are not very successful at the moment but we are getting close. The reasons I wanted to wean her off earlier than Darrius was because she bites… hard! I have been in pain for almost 2 months now and I think I am going to have another mutated nipple!

I tried to switch her to formula milk but she don’t seems to accept it and due to the pain on one of my nipples, I tried to not let her feed on that particular boob. However, the other side do not producing that much and I am tired to look for ways on how to produce more breast milk now. She is turning 14-month in another 10 days so I should be happy I’ve managed to breastfeed her that long thought I’d hope to breastfeed her till she turns 2. I just can’t tolerate the pain anymore.

The past few nights we saw some improvement though she still do some karate kicks when I pulled her away from my boobs. From a frequency of 3-4 feeds a night, I have managed to limit it to 1-2 feeds a night.

Hopefully she can go without any feeds soon so that all of us could sleep in peace. The only thing which I dreaded when she has weaned off my boobs will be my weight… which will balloons up unless I change my diet!

Like they said, can’t have the best of both world lar…


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  1. a-moms-diary says:

    Mine is not taking formula too. Whole day at babysitter she would take only 2-3oz. Had wanted to wean her but looks like I gotta put on hold first – at least she’s still getting some milk from me.

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