Say A Prayer

We are not Christians so we never practice saying any prayers. However, I would love Darrius to get to know God and hopefully he will learn to love him and wanted to learn more about him… on his own accord. That being said, I am very glad we put him in a preschool which is managed by a church. As such, he will get to learn about the Almighty God through his teachers whom he looked up upon.

The other day, after I picked him up from school we had our regular chat of ‘what you learn and what you did in school today and did you finish your bento?’ and he told me excitedly ‘Mommy, do you know that we have to pray before we eat?’

I was a little surprised as I knew the teachers have stopped doing so last year. I only saw them doing it the previous year. Well, it is good that they are doing it again.

Out of curiosity, I probed Darrius further…


Me: So, how do you say your prayer?

Darrius: Thank you for the World so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Amen

Me: That’s all??

Darrius: There’s another one. Dear God, thank you for the world so sweet and thank you for the food we eat. Amen.

Me: aawww…. good boy!


Though both versions do not have much differences but I am happy he remembers it and he is happy to say it!


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