Moving from the boobs to the bottle

The moment Samseng Girl turned 1, I started to make changes to her daily life practices… literally! Besides starting her on formula milk, I have also started making her drink not only from milk bottles but also water bottles. For some weird reasons, she hates drinking from sippycups!

She hates drinking plain water when I first introduced to her the moment she started solid food as she was too used to getting her water supply from my boobs. However, dry skins started to show on her feet so I have to find ways for more liquid to go into her body since my boobs are not producing that much now!

Humans are humans. What other better ways to move a person other than having a little friendly competitions to kick start? I’m not sure about your babies but mine is a competitive freak even at a tender age of just 1! Glennedine loved to be coax into drinking her water when we told her that jor-kor is drinking too.

On Boxing Day, we went to Jusco Perda again with the intention to go terminate my Cupcakes company registration at Seberang Prai. Besides that intention, I have another – to find a BPA free water bottle for Glennedine. I have been looking on the island but can’t find any nice designs. Was extremely glad I managed to find something… though not to what I’d really like but that was the best they could offer in that range…



Yeap, I bought the same bottle that I got for Darrius except for the designs on the bottle. To Glennedine, the bottles are the same so if mommy said ‘see, kor-kor is drinking kut-kut (a baby word we used to describe water)’ she will not want to be left behind and will quickly pop the straw into her mouth!



So, you called that siblings rivalry? To me I don’t really give a damn as long as she is guzzling down those liquid and give my boobs the rest they deserved after such a long time! 😛


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  1. a-moms-diary says:

    Both my girls never used the sippy cup. They moved from feeding bottle to water bottle straight. But I’m lucky that both also love water.

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