Glennedine turned 1

This is another back dated post.

Little Samseng Girl turned 1 on 2nd of December 2010. Coincidentally, we were in KL during her birthday (she was born in KL too) so for sure we have to celebrate there as well. Like some weird fate, her daddy can’t be with her on that day too as he has to be away on business trip to Japan. Yeah, I sulked big time after knowing PiggyBeng has to miss his little princess’s big day… yet again!! He can’t be in KL on time when I gave birth to her. 😦 I hope he will compensate his absence for both occasions with a mega party for Ms Samseng when she is older! *evil grin*

Of course I can’t idle and do nothing about it. So, on the week we arrived in KL before PiggyBeng left for his first business trip, we did a small celebration within our immediate family at a nearby restaurant in Mahkota. Just the 4 of us with my parents as my brother and his family has another engagement that evening.




Before our trip to KL (the night b4) I actually molded the figurine to be placed on top of her cake (Chocolate Walnut) which was store bought at JJ Cakes in Ipoh when we were on our way to KL. I knew if I were to bake a cake and bring it all the way, it will not last the journey! Very glad I made that wise decision!



Instead of making a little moo-moo cow to signify Ms Samseng since she was born in the year of the Golden Ox, I made her wearing a moo-moo cow suit. I think it is more app that way! My mom commented that her nose was a little huge compared to the real person! πŸ˜› I tried to minimize the usage of fondant on the cake too since all my family members do not have sweet tooth… except Darrius!

Then on her actual birthday, I brought the kids out to Mid Valley for a day of fun as well as buying her a birthday cake for the sake of candle blowing! πŸ˜› Went to the Strudel Cafe in Metro for morning tea and Domino Pizza for lunch. That night we had dinner at home since my dad has to work till late. After dinner, PiggyBeng came online and we had the sing song and candle blowing in front of the webcam.

A shot where Glennedine looking so angelic listening to her daddy singing the birthday song through the webcam…



Oh yeah, bought her cuppies from Delectable. First time trying their cakes and found them so-so only but rather expensive. Well, like someone said, we are helping them to pay their expensive rentals! πŸ˜›

Don’t know where we’ll be for her 2nd birthday but I hope we can give her a grand celebration!!!


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0 Responses to Glennedine turned 1

  1. KittyCat says:

    Happy 1st birthday! Love her suit πŸ˜€

  2. a-moms-diary says:

    You dressed up the store bought cake so exquisitely. Truly admire your skills with fondant.

  3. Shooi says:

    Aiyoooo….Ms G is really so pretty…Can’t believe she is samseng mui! LOL

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